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Chaos is a special Giveaway based bot ready to rock your server's giveaways
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Features of Bot
We provide you the best features for your server's Giveaways!
Giveaways with server requirement.

You can specify a server requirement in the giveaway,if the user isn't in the server then his reaction will be removed;also bot will remove the reaction if the user leave the server.

Giveaways with role requirement.

you can specify a role requirement in the giveaway,if the user doesn't have that role then his reaction will be removed from the giveaway.

blacklist role for a Giveaway.

you can create a giveaway in which people can enter the giveaways but some people won't be able to enter the giveaway whom you have mentioned. this command will enrich your GIVEAWAY BAN system !

Standard giveaways with no requirements to enter

you can create simple giveaways with the bot too.

Giveaways with Multiple server requirement.

it is soon coming for premium members.

Giveaways with message requirement.

coming soon..In it you can create a giveaway which will ask user to have a specific number of messages to enter the giveaway,the bot will scan the messages send by the users.

high winning chance giveaways

Specify a role which should have a higher chance of winning a specific giveaway,it is specially created to enrich your server paid membership !

Random Chat Rewards

Coming Soon.... if this feature is set in your server then you can give a specific prize to members who are active in the server or by the most send messagers; you can even set time limit for the chatting rewards.

Role Bypass in giveaways

You CAN CREATE A GIVEAWAY IN WHICH PEOPLE WITH A SPECIFIC role/id CAN BYPASS THE REQUIREMENT in the giveaway.this helps your server to enrich your's paid membership in your server !

Role for the top 5 on message leaderboard.

If you have set this feature by a command in your server then our bot scans the leaderboard in our database and gives the top 5 people roles according to which you have set.THOUGH THIS FEATURE IS COMING SOON


We always improve our bots by removing any bigs and updating and adding new commands or type of giveaways,which helps you!

99% uptime

Our bot is mostly online to prevent any delay in your giveaways.





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